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Therapy Intensives 

Therapy re-imagined for body, mind, heart, & soul

I offer virtual therapy intensives using EMDR, IFS, and Transpersonal therapies. I also love helping therapists, empaths, and other healing professionals shine bright. Do you have a particular trauma, limited belief, pattern, relenting symptom, legacy or cultural burden, or unwanted behavior that you are ready to see shift? Can you tolerate being with vulnerable emotions and parts of you? Do you have a support system, resources, and coping skills that you use?

Providing Scared Space for You to Heal & Release

Intensives offer a sacred space to relax into the process so your nervous system can digest and integrate the therapeutic experience, thus deepening the healing. Intensives range from 2-5 hours, once, for a few days, or intermittently depending on your need.

The great news is we are all wired to heal. In a soothing, 'safe enough' environment, and with the help of supportive and effective tools, we can miraculously reawaken our own healing abilities and move out of the distress that is frozen in trauma time. For some, it is optimal to do an intensive, or a few intensives, rather than traditional weekly or bi-weekly appointment. This can also be in addition, supplementally, to your traditional therapy.

A few things to ask yourself?


Do you have a particular traumatic memory, limited belief, theme, relenting symptom, legacy or cultural burden, or unwanted behavior that you are ready to see shift? Can you tolerate being with vulnerable emotions and parts of you? Do you have a support system, resources, and coping skills that you have already learned and use? 


Additionally and importantly, do you have any safety, high-risk, suicidal ideation, destructive, or self-harming behaviors that you have struggled with in the last 2 years? If so, this is not the best option at this time. I recommend consistent trauma-focused therapy for help and support around these trauma symptoms. 

What Do Intensives Include?

Unhealed trauma affects every part of you: mind, body, heart, and soul.

I utilize EMDR therapy, IFS therapy, and transpersonal-depth work in my approach to my work and adapt this to your needs. An intensive is typically 2-5 hours in length and can be once or a few days, consecutively or intermittently, although this can be variable and personalized. Sessions are generally via Telehealth.


Pre-sessions can be used to:

  • Set a meaningful and effective plan

  • Build connection and strong therapeutic relationship

  • Identify current symptoms and experiences

  • Take some relevant history

  • Identify common triggers

  • Associate memories from your live experiences and/or carried over legacy and cultural burdens 

  • Target identification and selection

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What Can I Expect ?

Catered to Your Healing Needs.  A Sacred Unrushed Space!

Does the idea of an “intensive” sound intimidating? That’s understandable, let's ease your mind. 

  • More time to settle into therapy and connect during the process

  • More time to integrate insight, learning, and takeaways

  • More time to wrap up in a holistic and nurturing way, so you leave feeling supported and more resilient

  • No worries --- We go at a gentle pace that works for you personally

  • More time to check in with your nervous system, body, and parts of self to ensure regulation is occurring

  • More time for self-care, mindfulness, breathing, laughing, and connecting

  • Take a break to have some tea, have a snack, take a walk around, move your body, stretch, and/or relax

  • Expect to come away with deeper awareness, insight, confidence, and greater emotional regulation

  • Throughout you will practice processing and taking breaks with skills, and resourcing

  • Take resources with you to ground, contain, and regulate your nervous system

  • It is more efficient. With multiple sessions compacted into one day, you reduce the time spent opening and closing each session and therefore increase the amount of progress you can make

  • For many, a recent or single incident trauma can often be resolved in one 1-3 day intensive

  • After an intensive, many experience a significant decrease in the symptoms that brought them in which allows for a reduction of traditional therapy, and in some cases, eliminates it completely

To schedule or learn more, contact me here.



Yes. We will develop a specific plan for you. A release of information with your therapist or provider may be required, and in some cases.



Please see the fees and payment information here. Intensives over 2 hours require a 50% deposit to hold the space.  No shows and lates cancellations will loss their deposit.


If something comes up and you are unable to attend your intensive, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss rescheduling. In most cases, if rescheduling occurs more than a 48-hour advance notice, it will not affect your deposit or be charged, with the exception that if we block a large amount of time within one week, 4 or more hours, and I am unable to fill that time, the deposit or 50% may be charged.  If you need to reschedule the intensive 48 hours or less before the first day of the intensive, you may be subject to your deposit amount or 50% of the cost. If you need to cancel your intensive entirely, you will lose your entire deposit.


Some clients complete an Intensive and return to their lives ready to move forward. Others benefit from an ongoing relationship with a therapist following the intensive. This can be your established therapist if applicable, or a new therapy relationship. The workbook you get also gives some support to you for meaningful aftercare.


Research demonstrates that intensive work is as effective and can be more effective, then weekly therapy. 


Due to the structure of treatment and limitations of insurance plans, the entirety of intensives are not currently covered by medical or mental health insurance. I am NOT an in-network provider with any insurance company and therefore, I cannot accept MEDICAID.  If you are on MEDICAID, as part of your agreement with MEDICAID, I am unable to do work with you.


To schedule or learn more, contact me here.

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-Glennon Doyle Melton

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