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With Love, AGLOW

My Approach & Style

I am passionate about being able to help therapists and healers grow, deepen, and make a REAL DIFFERENCE in the world.  I am an EMDR & IFS Approved Consultant, a PESI trainer, and a trauma expert.  Learn more about my experience here.

Creating Sacred Space for Growth & Learning w/ Fun Sprinkled In!

I shine brightest when I am helping you work more creatively and intuitively with even your most challenging cases and work.  Deepen the work for you and your clients. Some areas of specialization include tweens, teens, and adults with complex trauma, dissociation, PTSD, eating disorders, legacy burdens, empaths & highly-sensitive persons, panic, phobia, obsessions, 1st responders, and more.

Practice leading from your highest SELF and being more self-led in your work 

I create a sacred space for you to share and be authentic. Inviting in light-heartedness and laughter, whenever possible. There is already enough seriousness in the world, and I value connecting and enjoying our time together. 

I am always happy to answer all questions, help with cases you bring, teach new skills, and inspire you to go further than you believe you can in your work and on your path. I love to help therapists and healers career development be more meaningful.

Professional Development

In our dynamic field, there is always another level of growth. I wholeheartedly believe that we ALL have the potential to awaken, become more conscious, and learn new things.  And this is a lifetime endeavor, no matter what stage we are at in our life and career. You can expand to the next best you, and continue to grow, deepen, and help others.


The secret to career satisfaction and success is meaingful

consultation that resonates and feeds your soul!


Therapists, and healers, that regularly attend consultation, whether in group or 1-on-1 are shown to be more successful. You can be more confident, skilled, and happier. Yes, happier! There is evidence of decreased burn-out, less compassion fatigue, increased success, more earnings, and greater empowerment. 

Therapist consultation 

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“No recovery from trauma is possible without attending to issues of safety, care for the self, reparative connections to other human beings, and a renewed faith in the universe. The therapist's job is not just to be a witness to this process but to teach the patient how.”

-Janina Fisher

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