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EMDR Consultation

IFS-Inspired EMDR Consultation for Trauma Therapists

Adaptive Processing Model & 8 Phases

  • Neurobiology & Polyvagal Theory 

  • Trauma-Informed Care & Expertise


All Cases Welcome

  • Complex Trauma & Dissociation

  • Eating Disorders & Body Image

  • Anxiety, Phobia, & Panic

  • Obsessions, OCD, & Related Disorders

  • Unresolved Grief & Depression

  • Borderline Personality, Self-harm, & Suicidal 

  • Empaths, Healers, & Neurodivergent populations

Adaptations to Standard Protocol

  • Advanced & Specialized Protocols​

  • BIPOC Advocacy, Ally, & Awareness

  • Cultural Considerations & Competencies

  • Legacy Burdens

  • IFS, Structural Theory of Dissociation, & Parts Work

  • Attachment theory and conceptualization

  • Early Trauma Work and more...


Professional Self-Care

  • Self-Energy & Resiliency

  • Compassion Fatigue Self-awareness

  • Transference & Countertransference


Approved Clinical Consultant & Certified therapist

I have worked with EMDR, since 2013 and have been consulting & training therapists since 2018. I hold an active EMDR Clinical Consultant with Evergreen, and previously with EMDRIA.  Additionally, I am an IFS Approved Clinical Consultant and Certified Yoga Instructor.  My choice to partner with PESI, resulted in being asked to let go of my consultant status and certification with EMDRIA. After some reflection, I decided this was the right direction for me. I work closely with Arielle Schwartz LP, Ph.D, and a team of other amazing EMDR experts who have up-leveled the PESI trainings. I am proud that PESI helps create affordable and accessible trainings to a wide range of mental health clinicians serving highly diverse populations. My consultation groups will continue to offer an integrative EMDR approach that includes somatic psychology, IFS therapy, polyvagal, attachment, and transpersonal therapies. I continue to specialize in and wholeheartedly help therapist's creatively and intuitively work with all clients, even their most complex cases.  Healing wounded hearts together. 

Healing Through  Acceptance

Effective EMDR therapy considers and heals the wounds carried by your mind, body, heart, & soul.  Having a comfortable and sacred therapeutic space for trauma work is essential. 

EMDR honors that you have innate wisdom and that you are designed to heal. What you are experiencing makes sense based on what happened to you, and this approach offers you gentle tools and protocols for deep wound healing.  


Rather than trying to make it all go away, which doesn't work, you can integrate the memories, emotions, sensations, and experiences that were improperly stored.  Providing corrective experiences to heal past wounds that cause current unwanted symptoms. 


This empowering approach opens a path toward accepting yourself and becoming more empowered and present in your life now. 

Complex Trauma & Loving Self Booklet

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Therapist News & Updates

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With Love, AGLOW

Take your practice to the next level

Going beyond the EMDR Basic Training is essential in working with trauma and challenging cases more intuitively and effectively. Your client's experiences are unique and sometimes a linear approach is not the answer.  This is where intuition, creativity, and adaptions come into play, where EMDR trauma therapists can go from being GOOD to GREAT therapists, offering meaningful and personalized healing for clients. 

Ongoing consultation can take you and your clients to a whole new level, and will highlight your integrity, effectiveness, and skills as a trauma-informed EMDR therapist. 

“It is one thing to process memories of trauma, but it is an entirely different matter to confront the inner void—the holes in the soul that result from not having been wanted, not having been seen, and not having been allowed to speak the truth.”

-Bessel A. van der Kolk

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