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EMDR Consultation

IFS-Inspired EMDR Consultation for Trauma Therapists

Adaptive Processing Model & 8 Phases

  • Neurobiology & Polyvagal Theory 

  • Trauma-Informed Care & Expertise


All Cases Welcome

  • Complex Trauma & Dissociation

  • Eating Disorders & Body Image

  • Anxiety, Phobia, & Panic

  • Obsessions, OCD, & Related Disorders

  • Unresolved Grief & Depression

  • Borderline Personality, Self-harm, & Suicidal 

  • Empaths, Healers, & Neurodivergent populations

Adaptations to Standard Protocol

  • Advanced & Specialized Protocols​

  • BIPOC Advocacy, Ally, & Awareness

  • Cultural Considerations & Competencies

  • Legacy Burdens

  • IFS, Structural Theory of Dissociation, & Parts Work

  • Attachment theory and conceptualization

  • Early Trauma Work and more...


Professional Self-Care

  • Self-Energy & Resiliency

  • Compassion Fatigue Self-awareness

  • Transference & Countertransference

Evergreen EMDR Consultant
Evergreen EMDR Consultant
IFS Consultant

Approved Clinical Consultant & Certified therapist

Clinical Consultation

With a profound journey in EMDR dating back to 2013, I have been dedicated to consulting and training therapists since 2018. Holding an active EMDR Clinical Consultant status with Evergreen, and previously with EMDRIA, my commitment to excellence in therapy is unwavering.

In addition, I am honored to be recognized as an trauma expert, IFS Approved Clinical Consultant, and a Certified Yoga Instructor.

While I initially held consultant status and certification with EMDRIA, my choice to collaborate with PESI led to a thoughtful decision to part ways with EMDRIA. This shift aligned with my vision, and I am proud to work alongside Arielle Schwartz LP, Ph.D., and a team of exceptional EMDR experts at PESI, elevating the standards of training. PESI's commitment to providing affordable and accessible training to a diverse range of mental health clinicians resonates with my mission.

In my consultation groups, we embrace an integrative EMDR approach that incorporates somatic psychology, IFS therapy, Polyvagal theory, attachment, and transpersonal therapies. This approach allows therapists to tap into their creativity and intuition, empowering them to work with clients, even in the most complex cases. Together, we heal wounded hearts, fostering growth and transformation.

Partner with me on this journey of empowerment and innovation as we navigate the realms of integrative EMDR and holistic healing.

Healing Through  Acceptance

Embark on a transformative journey with Effective EMDR therapy, a holistic approach that delicately tends to the wounds carried by your mind, body, heart, and soul. At the core of this healing process is the creation of a comfortable and sacred therapeutic space, an essential foundation for trauma work.

EMDR therapy reveres the innate wisdom within you and acknowledges your inherent capacity to heal. It recognizes that your experiences are meaningful responses to what has happened, and in this approach, gentle tools and protocols are offered for profound wound healing.

Rather than attempting to erase the past, a futile endeavor, this approach empowers you to integrate memories, emotions, sensations, and experiences that were once improperly stored. It introduces corrective experiences, addressing past wounds that manifest as current unwanted symptoms.

This worthwhile journey unfolds a path toward self-acceptance, guiding you to become more empowered and present in your life now. Effective EMDR therapy is not just about healing; it's about transformation and reclaiming the fullness of your being.

Complex Trauma & Loving Self Booklet

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Take your practice to the next level

Elevate your skills beyond the EMDR Basic Training, recognizing that delving into trauma and navigating challenging cases requires an intuitive and effective approach. Your clients' experiences are inherently unique, and sometimes, a linear method falls short. This is the juncture where intuition, creativity, and adaptability come into play, propelling EMDR trauma

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“I'm not a mess but a deeply feeling person in a messy world. I explain that now, when someone asks me why I cry so often, I say, 'For the same reason I laugh so often--because I'm paying attention.' I tell them that we can choose to be perfect and admired or to be real and loved. We must decide.”

-Glennon Doyle Melton

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