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IFS-Inspired EMDR Consult Groups

A Community of Trauma Therapists Making a Difference in the World!




These groups are for EMDR therapists of all levels & IFS enthusiasts of all levels. You will build a solid foundation, and think outside the box, learning powerful adaptations and creative skills to get unstuck and deepen your work with clients. These groups  follow the AIP model. 

Are you interested in integrating IFS and parts work into your work with clients, developing a deeper connection with your SELF-energy, and inspiring your clients to do the same? 


I believe a comprehensive and holistic model combines EMDR with IFS and parts work, neurobiology of trauma, Polyvagal theory, transpersonal psychology, structural theory of dissociation, somatic techniques, as well as awareness of how to work with cultural/legacy burdens and attachment wounds.

My forte is helping you work effectively with challenging cases and developing intuitively and creatively within the models and beyond. Are you ready to take your therapy practice, professional development, and your clients to a deeper level of healing?


These groups are held in an inviting, warm, and open-minded space where you can ask anything, be authentic, learn, grow, and connect.  Bring your questions and cases!

Learn more on the EMDR consultation page or the IFS consultation page.

To learn more, email me here.  REGISTER BELOW

Approved Clinical Consultant
& Certified therapist

Consult Group Registration 

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This virtual consultation group is for ALL Levels of EMDR therapists & IFS enthusiasts. All peoples, pets, cases, and questions are WELCOME. 


Plan to become a more powerful EMDR trauma therapist who changes lives.


This consult group integrates IFS, parts work, somatic techniques, Attachment-Focused EMDR, Polyvagal in action, and transpersonal psychology.  Learn to use your knowledge and skills naturally, intuitively, and creatively with your clients. 

*This group is not for meeting EMDRIA credentials



Meets: Monthly on 2nd Thursday

Platform: Virtual, Zoom

Time: 9:00 to 11:00 MST - Convert Timezone

Cost: $50

Discount for Prepaid Packages

5-pack $ $235

10-pack $450

Questions? EMAIL

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With Love, AGLOW

Consultation is the KEY to Success

I have never stopped doing clinical consultation, nor do I think you should! 


Whether you engage in consultation groups, meet 1-on-1, or combine them consultation is crucial for:

  • Learn and develop skills, techniques, protocols and more

  • Building a solid foundation in the work you do for the world

  • Develop new perspectives and be able to creatively adapt and find solution when you or your client is stuck

  • Work with the most complex clients with greater ease

  • Stay abreast with the latest learnings and research

  • Importantly tap more into your Self-energy, intuition, fun, and creativity

  • Reduce liability, increase confidence, and decrease doubt

  • Expand your professional identity

  • Learn about parts work and IFS informed therapy

  • Combine your unique style and other therapies that you love 

  • Lessen and prevent burnout and compassion fatigue which plague our field

  • Decrease isolation, build community, and open doors and new possibilities

  • Develop into an amazing trauma therapist 

  • And more...

Questions?  Email me 

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“It is one thing to process memories of trauma, but it is an entirely different matter to confront the inner void—the holes in the soul that result from not having been wanted, not having been seen, and not having been allowed to speak the truth.”

-Bessel A. van der Kolk

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