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Soul full Clinical Consultation 

It is time for meaningful change in the mental health and medical field. Trauma-informed, intuitive, meaningful, and effective healing and connections are needed more than ever.  I aspire to heal as many wounded hearts as possible, by offering Conscious & Self-led trauma expertise, consultation, and teachings for therapists and healers. 

Soul  Full


: to Let your soul (Self) desires, intentions, & wisdom Aglow (light) Up your life & work. 
Heartfelt |  Intuition | Oneness | Essence | Higher Self

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Soul   Full consultation is catered to your needs with focuses in:  

  • More full-filling work life

  • Learning to not take it all on

  • Tapping into your intuition, creativity, and authenticity for more inspired therapeutic work

  • Work with complex cases with less burn out

  • Slowing down, balancing your nervous system, and finding more Self & Soul in your work

  • Connecting to yourself and your clients through Self-energy and a therapeutic attachment lens

  • Developing therapeutic skills, tools, and knowledge 

  • Trauma therapy and working with complex trauma and dissociation

  • EMDRIFS, parts work, mindfulness, somatic and attachment therapies, and more

  • Truly work in a trauma-informed way

  • Start, grow, and sustain your professional identity and/or your private practice 

  • Gain knowledge and a felt sense of how to use Polyvagal Theory and nervous system healing in action & real life

  • Learn how to work with and make space for legacy burdens, parts & soul retrieval work, cultural burdens, past lives, spirt guides, unattachment burdens, and other experiences that may organically show up in the therapy room

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* I do not offer supervision towards licensure hours at this time

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With Love, AGLOW

The Secret to Success 


Having a safe place to authentically connect where you can be vulnerable and real is essential for all therapists and healers. We cannot do our best work when our well is dry. So many therapists feel unsupported and rushed, leaving you unable to process and release all that you face in the work you do in the world and with your clients.

The secret to more career satisfaction and success is really good

consultation that resonates and feeds your soul!


The mental health field has a significantly high burnout and compassion fatigue rate, which is greatly reduced with consistent, nonjudgmental, and heartfelt consultation, whether in 1-on-1 or a group format. So many therapists, medical professionals, and other healing professionals do not give themselves enough, expanding and depleting their energy and resources to others. There is another way, stay centered in your self energy through connection and support.

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Book an Appointment

Ready to book an a clinical consultation with me?  You can request an appointment directly through my software with Simple practice. Once set up, you will be able to manage scheduling, documents, billing and more in the PORTAL!  Want to learn more, have questions, or need a different time, email me!

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

-Dali Lama 

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