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Internal Family Systems


Internal Family Systems (IFS) is one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing therapy in the world, and for great reason. It is more than a therapy, it is a movement to bring more self-leadership to the world. It is a cutting-edge, holistic therapy that heals attachment wounds, trauma, shame, self-criticism, and more.

IFS is an evidence-based therapy model that recognizes that we are all naturally multiple, with parts of self, and that is a beautiful and enlightened understanding. The essential goal is to bring you back to your Core Self which knows how to heal. When in Self-energy you come back to the original state of love, acceptance, and openness that you were meant to embody.

IFS values your inner system and parts of yourself as having valuable qualities and insights. Through this work, you can harmonize your mind, body, heart, and soul. 
IFS provides a step-by-step model that helps you heal, grow, and transform. Establishing internal balance by better knowing yourself, understanding your motivations and conflicts, and learning to heal and move forward.  

What is IFS Therapy?

Healing Through Acceptance

Internal Family Systems, best known as IFS therapy, is a non-pathologizing therapy. Through a heart-centered lens, we can learn to deeply accept all the different aspects of our personality, making deep transformative shifts possible and lasting.


IFS honors and helps us tap into our CORE SELF qualities of compassion, curiosity, clarity, calm, connectedness, courage, confidence, and creativity.


This empowering approach opens a path toward loving yourself and learning how to nurture and help the wounded parts of our soul to have the corrective experiences to heal our past traumas.

All Parts Welcome

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Benefits of IFS Therapy

  • Empowers you through Self-leadership

  • Promotes self-compassion

  • Views depression as a normal reaction to stressors or trauma, rather than a diagnosis

  • Provides a deeper understanding of yourself

  • Prepares you for emotional difficulty in the future 

  • Helps you heal from your past and discover a path forward

  • Learn to live a more fulfilling, centered, and focused life

  • Let go of destructive behaviors and beliefs 

  • Archive internal balance by understanding all parts of you

  • If another therapy is not working, IFS is a different way for you to seek help

  • Develop the ability to rely on yourself more over time

  • Resolve internal conflict to help you find a more peaceful middle ground

The Core Self 

Being Self-Lead

Know yourself more deeply, your beliefs, patterns, potential blind spots, strengths, desires,  and dreams. Empower yourself to be able to nuture yourself and meet your own needs.

The qualities of the Core Self are Curiosity, Compassion, Calm, Connection, Creativity, Clarity, Confidence, and Courage. IFS therapy helps you develop and embody these qualities and break away from the thoughts and patterns that limit your self-potential.

The more self-led you become, the less afraid you are to act in a way that's going to actually bring more harmony.

-Richard Schwartz

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